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This Verdict Was a Great Surprise to Me


Barcelona / Spain

Step 01

Toronto photo studio for families

The way his eyes sparkle with mischief. Those perfectly chubby little fingers. How she snuggles in close and plays with your hair. The sweet baby curls. How he squeals when dad tosses him in the air. The way your face radiates love when you’re surrounded by your babies. These are the things I want to capture.

Let me love you a little more before you’re not little anymore

Step 02

in-studio cake smash photographers

My sessions are all about just that, capturing the love and all the wonderful things you want to remember about this stage in your life. We don’t stand in one place and stare at the camera. We move. We sing. We dance. We twirl. We do all the things that make for a beautiful experience and beautiful images.

A Different Approach