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February 9, 2022

Mini sessions are a fun way to capture memories without the commitment of paying for a full photo session. Mini sessions are becoming the go-to for families who are looking for a quick and stress-free option for capturing milestone images their kids.


  1. Minis are a more affordable way to try out a photographer and still capture beautiful images. A good photographer will ensure you’ve been prepped in advanced so you know what to expect and plan ahead. 
  2. Most minis are between 15-30 mins which is ideal for family with small children that won’t stay still for too long. 
  3. If you are feeling a bit nervous about being in front of a camera then you’ll be glad to know that a mini session are quick and you will be having too much fun to be nervous.
  4. A mini session is a parent’s dream due to it being quick, fun and light-hearted. Great for capturing photos with younger children because they lose interest fast.
  5. If you aren’t looking for tons of photos but instead want one or two amazing shots then this is definitely the ideal option for you.
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Mother's Day Mini sessions

These are the perfect opportunity to exist in photos with your children 

What is included in the price of my mini session?

The mini photo session includes a 15 minute session in a private studio in Toronto, a proofing gallery and your favourite 8 edited images selected by you. 

When will I receive my photos?

Your photos will be posted in an online gallery within 1-2 days after the session for you to select your faves. Once we edit them, we send you a wetransfer link to download and save your images. 

What is required to book my slot at your mini session event?

These sessions are limited and available on a first come first serve basis.  Due to high demand, we require the full amount to be paid in order to reserve your space at our mini session event. Most details with regards to open dates and times can be found here https://anchorstudio.ca/book-online/

Where will the mini session take place?

Your mini session will take place in a stunning studio space located in The Junction called Mint Room Studios. If you’re booking outdoors, they will be held in Toronto at a beautiful outdoor location that we select.  

Is there anything else that I should know?

Once you book a session with us, we send you a confirmation email along with tips, a preparation guide, parking and clothing tips so that you know exactly what to expect the day of your mini session. 

What type of minis do you offer? 

We usually offer 3 minis throughout the year starting with Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and various dates for the Holiday Minis to capture photos for your Christmas cards. Sign up for our monthly newsletter if you want to get first pick for dates and times.

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