Toronto Baby Photography – 5 Reasons to Have a Newborn Photoshoot

December 22, 2021

Capturing each moment as soon as your little bundle of sunshine makes their way into the world is something all parents want to do. From the moment they open their eyes for the first time to the moment they take their first steps, you want every memory to be stored forever. 

You may think that your high-definition camcorder is enough to capture these moments, and you may even do a good job of recording some amazing memories. However, you should consider doing a professional newborn photoshoot. Here are a few reasons to do so. 

Couple Holding a Baby
  1. Professional Looking Results

While those home videos have their own appeal when you look back years from now, having some high quality pictures of your infant child is something that would bring you significant joy. You’ll have some amazing, high quality pictures of your kids to look back on once they grow older. Pictures are the only way you can really remember how they looked when they were younger and tied around your waist. A professional photoshoot ensures that these pictures are as great as possible. 

Toronto lifestyle newborn photographer
Toronto newborn photographer
Toronto lifestyle baby photographer
Toronto baby photographer
  1. They Grow Up So Fast! 

While the long days and sleepless nights while you care for a toddler seem like they are never-ending, you’d be surprised at how quickly you’ll be dressing them up for school, then high school.Then there will come a day when they’ll be going off to college. Younger kids also change and grow much quickly. Therefore, you have a very small window where you can actually capture your newborn baby before they aren’t newborn anymore. 

newborn baby with mom
Toronto newborn photographers
best Toronto newborn photographer
  1. Professional Poses

One thing you will most likely not be able to achieve in your home photography and videography is those professional poses of babies you see everyone sharing on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s be real, it is impossible to get newborn babies to pose according to your will. The good thing is that photographers who specialize in newborn photography know how to make poses work even if you have a cranky little one. They’ve likely photographed a number of babies before, and they’d know exactly how to capture your baby in a way that is good enough to put on the cover of a baby magazine. 

best Toronto baby photographer
GTA baby photo studio
best Toronto baby photographers
Baby in dads arms
  1. Heritage

How many pictures of your grandfather or grandmother have you seen from when they were babies? Great grandfather? Probably not that many. When it comes to capturing moments, technology has been a great blessing for all of us. We can now capture as many pictures as we want without having to worry about the expenses, time, and effort that was required to take a simple picture not too long ago. So why not take full advantage of this blessing? Having a professional photoshoot and getting the pictures printed is a great way to preserve your family history for generations to come. 

GTA newborn photography studio
newborn Christmas photo shoot
  1. Your Kids will Love These Pictures When They Grow Older

Even if they secretly love them, most people tend to cringe when looking at all the shenanigans they were up to in home videos of their younger years. Thankfully, that would not be the case with the pictures taken by a professional photographer. When your kids are older, they will look back at these pictures that capture them at their best and will be glad that you made the effort to have them photographed like that. 

A good professional baby photographer in Toronto can help you capture these moments in the most amazing way possible. So don’t miss out on this opportunity, as your baby will grow up before you even realize. 

Mom and newborn baby
Toronto lifestyle newborn photographer

It is highly recommended to make a tentative booking around your estimated due date, at least 3-4 months in advance of your due date. Once your baby is born, you can contact me and we will arrange a suitable time and day for your session.  If your little one has already arrived, don’t worry, you’re not too late! Please contact me as soon as possible and I can try to schedule you in. 

I’d like to think that choosing us here at Anchor Studio Photography makes you feel that you’ll have such a great time with me and that we’ll get to capture the memories of your family as they grow in the years to come. If you want to find out more about our sessionspackages and pricing, just click here to visit our website.

Here are more blog posts in different locations in Toronto both in-studio as well as in clients for in-home sessions showing why you should hire a photographer to capture your beautiful family.

Newborn photo shoot in The Solarium Studio

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Newborn in-home lifestyle photo shoot

Newborn photo shoot with sibling at Mint Room Studios

Newborn session with older sibling at Preto Loft


There are a few ways you can book. You can book right online using this tab which leads you to my online booking calendar. However, not all available dates are on that calendar so if you need a different date, send me an email! You can reach me at hello@anchorstudio.ca

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