The importance of creating family photo books and albums

May 8, 2020

Family photos capture beautiful moments in our lives, and within them, the family, friends and even pets that mean the most to us. They help us remember the good times, and keep in our hearts and minds experiences we might otherwise forget. Here are just a few reasons why creating family albums is a worthwhile exercise for every member of the family.

It’s never been easier for parents to take pictures of their kids. Every parent can now use an iPhone to capture memories and stop time. But preserving them for posterity is another matter. But files can be deleted. Computers can crash. The power of an album lasts. Especially in times likes these through covid-19 when families need to remember the happy times.

family photo albums ideas

Capturing moments in time

Think of all the photos we take throughout our lives – your newborn’s first moments, your little one’s dress-up days at kindergarten, a child’s first day at school. We only need look at ourselves in the mirror to see how fast things change. Capturing important firsts and even the mundane daily tasks are a way of preserving everything as it is right now so we can look back, reminisce and see how far we’ve come.

Photos enable us to travel back in time

We can reach out and travel through time in a way that’s not possible without photos. We can look back upon pictures of grandparents, and great-grandparents, and discover similarities with family members we may never have had the chance to meet. Photographs allow us to leave a legacy behind; we can pass them down through our families so that those special moments last and bring joy for generations.

Your photos are meant to be printed

It can be all too easy to store our photographs on a computer and never get around to printing them. But how often do we back up and protect our digital copies, not to mention actually take the time to look through them? The experience of scrolling through a computer screen does not compare to the feeling of joy and satisfaction that comes with gently turning through beautifully printed pages in a real book or album.

A thoughtful gift for family members

Give your family the gift of a premium photo book or album that will stand the test of time and celebrate your memories for years to come. One idea perfect for families with young children is making an annual album. When our precious little ones are young they reach new milestones all the time, and they change and grow so quickly. Making an album each year means you can capture more of those delightful moments, and follow your little one’s growth more closely. Once they get a bit older, you can reduce the frequency of the albums to focus on events, holidays and other rites of passage.

Telling your family story

Think about your family’s story and which format will help you best tell it. Options include individual albums focusing on each family member, family history albums which include things like family trees and genealogical information, memoriam books commemorating those who have passed, and any number of other themes. It’s never too late to start the process of keeping your beloved memories alive.

photo album ideas and design by Toronto photographer

Our books and albums are custom-made and crafted from the finest materials so you know you’re getting a quality, timeless product that will house your treasured memories for many years to come.

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